Nowadays, the majority of the people (about 60%) with Apple devices are using the latest iOS 10 firmware. Many users are away from the exceptional Cydia Tweaks and apps as it requires jail-breaking of your iOS devices. Cydia is basically an app store which can be downloaded only after jail-breaking which is still not available in iOS 10 devices.  Also, the jailbreak is not legal as per the terms and conditions of Apple. So, basically, if you want to access the premium apps without paying or jail-breaking, you need a safe and easy alternative for Cydia. Here we present you top three apps which are the best Cydia alternatives for iOS.

  1. V Share

This is an amazing app store which contains thousands of apps, videos, games, and ringtones and much more for free. Here, you can easily download cracked and paid apps at no cost and it is quite simple and user-friendly. A safe alternative for Cydia, this app allows installation of many wonderful Cydia tweaks and app which you ever dream for without jail-breaking. V Share is compatible with all iOS versions and can be downloaded without jail-breaking.  With fewer bugs and instant installation of the app, many apple users are already using this great app.

  1. Flekstore

If you are looking for an app which can let you access all the features and apps without jail- break then it could not be better than Flekstore. Today, the technologies have reached such a height that we can get alternative for everything.  Flekstore can help you get magical experience with some lovely and amazing apps which you could have ever got with Cydia. Flekstore can help you access a wide range of exceptional apps and emulators which you ever dreamed on your iOS device. Flekstore offers an elegant interface to get an easy experience of many lovely tweaks at a really commendable pace with no time lag. Also, it allows easy installation and fast loading time even if you are working on a slow internet. Flekstore iOS 10 removes the issue of jail-breaking on iOS 10’s latest firmware. This app is extremely simple to use and understand and can be downloaded easily from any browser.

  1. Mojo installer

Jail-break is usually a demand for iOS devices with time for accessing paid apps or customization of your iOS device. With jailbreak, there come various issues like voiding of the warranty and bricking of your device. So for using all the apps and customizing your device without voiding the warranty, you can use Mojo installer which is very safe and best alternative for Cydia. Mojo is a third party app like Cydia but is doesn’t require a jailbreak to use its beneficial features. All the tweaks and apps of Cydia can be downloaded from Mojo at a very fast pace. It comes without any bugs and viruses and it is completely safe to use. Also, it lets you download an emulator to enjoy the old and best games of all times without any problem.