So This little tiny app, which gives results of full-fledged streaming app like Netflix. Yes Movie HD apk is a movie streaming app offered to android and iOS users at a free cost. Sadly this app is not available on the Play Store. Guess why this app has such a huge amount of fan following base. Because this app gives the users freedom of watching movies, T.V shows, etc. At a free cost.


Well this particular app is exactly the same when compared to a lot of streaming apps, in the market nowadays. Since this app is not officially available on the play store, People use the legendary famous method of APK installation. In which you get the apk file of the app from a third-party provider, take it from a torrent website or a apk provider. Then just traight install it on your phone.

Main Features Of Movie HD Apk Application:

Well, Coming to the app, this one beauty is definitely a must for all of those on the go movie buffs. The clean UI makes it easy for even a three year to use. With so much of famous titles and T.V shows in its database this app is again a master piece, Also this app provides so much of features for a free price. In its classic black and grey combination.

  • The apps main key features are its neat little side menu which categorises Movies and T.V shows separately and further it divides them into sub menus such as Update-Popular-New and Rating. Also movies and T.V shows can be added to your favourites menu separately.
  • This app lets you to choose the quality off a about to be streamed movie or a T.V show. Offering so much of various quality options like 720p , 360p , 2640p and 144p. This app lets you decide the quality based on your liking or the internet connection.


  • This app even lets you choose your favourite Genre and the app does the rest. With various genres on its database like Romance, Sci-Fi, Action, Thriller, Horror (My Favourite 😉 Music, Drama, Adventure, Fantasy and etc.
  • This app lets you watch your favourite movie without any disturbances as this app is offered in an add-free environment. Yea this app has so much of beautiful features hidden it.
  • This app even lets you stream to your chromecast device. This is definitely an alternate, for all of those paid streaming apps like Netflix, Play Box, cartoon hd, popcorn time, megabox hd, moviebox  etc. Although this app is a little buggy the developers are working hard with continuous updates to give the best user experience for the app owners.

VERDICT: Who should own it ? If you own a smartphone or a tablet that runs on Android or iOS and if you are so obsessed with movies or T.V shows. And if you are proud to call yourself a Movie Buff. And if you don’t have enough money in your pockets or if you don’t wanna burn up your wallet. THEN THIS APP IS JUST FOR YOU.ENJOY DOWNLOADING. Cheers!