Proved Signs to make you happy! :D

Almost all the lovers have one definite question that, “Does my Crush likes me back?” Well.. Yea! Same thought comes in my brain too. So, by my personal experience, I have listed down 5 signs which definitely means that your crush likes you or shows interest in you!

  • HE/SHE CARES FOR YOU ALOT- Well, when someone has feelings for a person, its pretty obvious that they will try to control you and care for you. Like asking how was your day or why ain’t you in a good mood. That’s natural! Also, if your crush hates smoking or drinking and like you, definitely will stop you from doing so or even get badly angry if they find out you do. That’s being possessive about someone! 😉
  • HE/SHE TRIES TO LOOK STRAIGHT INTO YOUR EYES- This is one of the main signs I can assure that your crush likes you. Its a natural habit. By doing so, they make sure how much you love them and what importance they have in your eyes.
  • LOOK AT HIS/HER BODY LANGUAGE WHEN YOU’RE AROUND- Do they seem shy? Do they give you a small smile when they look at you? If they’re shy and sometimes smile at you for no reason, then maybe they like you back. If they give you a quick look as you walk by, that’s a sign, too.
  • PAY SOME ATTENTION WHETHER SHE TRIES TO HAVE PHYSICAL CONTACT- Whether or not it’s conscious, someone who likes you (more often girls) will generally find excuses to touch you. They might put their hand on your shoulder, or accidentally walk into you in the halls, or wipe something random off your face. Even gestures that don’t seem playful or nice might mean they’re attracted to you. Lots of people understand that their body language is giving them away, and try to make the body language mean or impersonal. Do they hit you lightly or play pranks on you? It might mean that they want attention from you, and they’re trying to get it without telegraphing their true feelings. This can be a sure shot sign that your crush likes you!
  • HE/SHE FINDS REASON TO TALK TO YOU OR IS ALWAYS READY TO TALK- So how do you know when your crush likes you? It’s when he’s taking every chance to talk to you about something. It doesn’t even have to be something meaningful, as long as it’s communication with you. You’re probably falling for him so hard too that you won’t even notice what you too are talking about, or how meaningful it really is. But, the important thing is that you are talking.