For many traders, the rapid growth of the internet space ought to translate to easier and more convenient trading processes. However, many stock traders have had to contend with several bureaucracies that have bedeviled the sector. Many of these companies lack the prerequisite security measures that would make online stock trading on their platforms more secure. Additionally, stock traders have had to contend with the tedious registration process that ought to be one of the simplest and quickest processes involved in becoming a fully-fledged stock trader. However, there is a small clique of stock trading companies dedicated to turning the sector around with unique products and investment programs that are secure and easier to use. One such company is TradeX1: a top line stock broker with a customer-centric approach to forex and stock broking.

Tailor-made Services and Products

When it comes to forex and stock trading, there is no one-suit-fits-all product or service. Each trader is unique in his or her own way. Each trader has a unique set of factors that drive them and make them suitable for a particular stock trading option or investment program. It is this uniqueness that TradeX1 has identified and designed their investment programs, products and services to the benefit of their clients. Their simplified registration process makes it easy for their clients to join the ever expanding stock and forex trading sector. Registering with the forex broker only requires visiting with a soft colored copy of the trader’s legal identification document. In case the passport is not available, aspiring can still provide a colored copy of the driver’s license or identity card. For those experiencing difficulties with their registration, a demo with easy accounting opening steps is available.

The company’s safe trading environment is monitored 24/7 by its customer service officers and technician who are also available online on their website. Clients have the option of choosing account plans that suit their investment needs. The company offers a wide range of account plans including Islamic, VIP, silver, gold and standard accounts. Clients can also choose to register a money manager or micro account. To further enhance customer experience, their tailor-made services and products also include the option for gold, silver or oil trading. Traders can also choose commodities, indices, forex, precious metals and contract for differences (CFDs) trading. Traders also have the benefit of choosing their preferred currencies. Trade X1 has also capitalized on the bludgeoning popular of mobile telephony technologies with its mobile trading platform. This includes the analytical trading technology, MegaTrader 4 platform, which their clients can access free-of-charge.

Towards Knowledgeable Stock Trading

By incorporating MegaTrader 4 platform into its mobile trading platform, Trade X1 aims at promoting knowledgeable trading. The downloadable application is compatible with several devices including iPads, smartphones, android phones and personal computers. In addition to technical trading analysis, clients can also enjoy the convenience of going through the trading history of the various trading stocks presented in interactive charts. This flexibility is vital when it comes to making decisions regarding investment. It also comes with expert advisors that offer qualified stock trading guidance and advice. These experts educate new and experienced stock traders on the art and science of buying and selling of various stocks with the view of equipping them with relevant information that can enhance their chances of success.
While individualized attention increases chances of succeeding as a trader, others who are highly experienced require advanced advice, products and services. Provision of relevant information is attained at the company by a multilingual customer service desk and experts. Clients also enjoy the benefit of monitoring their stocks performance through live market updates provided on the company’s website and mobile trading platform.